Richard Hill

Michelle Crowley began in television documentary before moving into factual entertainment and features where she has developed series for Nigel Slater, Lorraine Pascale, The Hairy Bikers, Simon Hopkinson & Rachel Khoo. Michelle is known for her creativity, attention to detail and a naturally strong storytelling ability, ensuring the content always connects with her audience.

Director Richard Hill creates engaging and screen-lickingly beautiful food stories for big brands, top chefs and fantastic food telly. Working with some of the UK’s most respected food talent he is known for content that’s both intimate and entertaining.

His hand held style engages the audience with a heartfelt intimacy. His visual creativity and flair is matched by his ability to charm, disarm and direct brilliant performances whether dealing with top talent or members of the public.

He’s worked extensively with Nigel Slater, Tom Kerridge, Rachel Khoo, Gordon Ramsay, Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall, as well as with Jamie Oliver and The Hairy Bikers.