Rosie Saunt.

Meet Rosie, a food loving science geek.

She used to work in the fashion industry, but her Vogue magazines have now been replaced with science journals after I took a career change to become a Registered Dietitian.

After four years of rigorous studying, She graduated with an internationally renowned degree in Nutrition and Dieteticsfrom King’s College London.


By day you can find her working in a busy London hospital. Giving her a medical perspective. By night  she looks at ‘popular nutrition’ on her blog

Previously (begrudgingly I’m a coeliac), she felt she was being typecast. Finding her excitement in the nutrition industry, which led me to change my blog name, allowing me to spread my wings.

In a time where self styled nutrition experts and the media provide worryingly misleading health advice, she has made it her mission to translate evidenced-based science to your plate.

Alongside my blog which contains recipes and evidenced-based nutrition tips, Rosie writse for magazines and newspapers, speak at public events and has co-founded the Rooted Project nutrition talks.